Our Team

In 2011 the DBA was founded by Dr Andy Toy and Dr John Barry. They are both very experienced dentists with a passion for passing on dental knowledge. Their aim is to become the UK’s largest provider of online qualifications and training for the whole dental team.

The ethos of the DBA is to offer a range of online qualifications and CPD that is easily accessible and affordable for everyone in the dental team. We are very fortunate to have an exceptional team of qualified GDC registered dental tutors who have been praised by the Northern College of Further Education (NCFE) for providing close tutor support.

Our Values

We believe that each member of the dental team has a role to play in the success of the practice. We offer professional development courses covering GDC CPD requirements for each member of the team. We believe that each of our students has individual learning needs and we are keen to recognise and meet those needs.

We ensure that all course materials are current, accurate and relevant to students learning needs. We will ensure that the delivery of all courses is professional and user friendly.

Our Standards of Service

Our intention is to:

  1. Assess work received within two working weeks.
  2. Answer the phone within four rings.
  3. Clarify business terms and expectations from the outset.
  4. Provide students with timely high quality information on all aspects of their courses.
  5. Offer excellent course materials.
  6. Provide tutoring and mentoring directly relevant to students needs.
  7. Respond sympathetically to special needs arising as a result of a student’s circumstances.

Our Website

We provide our GDC certified CPD courses online so that studying is even more convenient. Browse our courses, apply online and download course materials easily.

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