[Level 4 Dental Practice Manager] Course content is fantastic, a very worthwhile course.


Louise F

[Level 3 Treatment Coordination]  I have learnt that by using clinical governance within my job role and audits I am continually making sure that I am working to the best standards and making sure the client is having the best possible dental experience. 

April M

I have really enjoyed this course [Level 4 in Professional Dental Practice Management]! Thank you.


Lisa Z

I would like to say that my assessor Claire Angus was extremely helpful, easy to talk to and made my experience doing this [Introduction to Dental Practice Management] course great.



When I started my new role as a dental practice manager, which was in February 2014, I had very little skills and knowledge of running a practice, in dentistry, staff management, and budgeting. When I am at work I just went carry out the tasks without really knowing why I am doing them. However, whilst doing the [Level 4 in Professional Dental Practice Management] course, it has given me a better understanding what my roles and responsibilities are. I have learnt what it is and takes to be an effective practice manger, how to set up and monitor a budget, which is important to maintain properly. Also how important it is to have customer surveys, and how to act upon them. This course has been both challenging and rewarding at the same time. Also, whilst doing this course my confidence has grown. I’m confident that I will be able to overcome any obstacles that may arise. I can organise, both daily and long term tasks effectively. I am engaging with the staff more, listening to their views and suggestions, knowing that they too play a large part in running an efficient dental practice.


Casey V

This intro course [Introduction to Dental Practice Management] has encouraged me to go forward with my studies, thank you Dental Business Academy



Nicola T

There was nothing in the [CPD Module 1 – Medical Emergencies] course that I did not like.  I thought it was all very well structured and easy to follow.  It was also very informative and has made me feel much more confident in knowing how to deal with medical emergencies.


Rebecca H

[Level 3 Treatment Coordination] It had been a very long time since I had studied and I did not know if I could apply myself to sitting down and learning, especially on a computer. I was not very computer literate. I did not own a laptop so I had to buy one. This was the first time that I had a tutor that I had contact with via email and on a discussion board. Everything was new to me. I am so glad that I was given the opportunity to do this course, I definitely would recommend it.  This course makes you understand everything about your job as a TCO and how it all comes together. What I am hoping to do is continually reflect back on the course now and again, keeping me up to date with my job role so I do not become complacent. I have learnt such a lot from this course. I am so glad I did it. I feel I have understood my job better and the legalities within it and I would like to think that the team and I give a better service now. Do not be frightened of learning and improving your skills, no matter what age you are. 

Jennifer M

The best feature of the [Introduction to Treatment Coordination] unit was the ease of the layout.  The tutors were always there to help.  Thank you for all your help – online and on the phone.

Rebecca J

This is a course [Introduction to Practice Management] with precise information on dental management

Tanya R

The best feature of [Introduction to Treatment Coordination] is that you are able to work at your own pace and you have all the information at hand through the website.”

Martina D

I really enjoyed all parts of the unit [Level 3 Decontamination and Infection Control Lead] it brought to my attention some things that we need to change in the practice to make it better, and to make sure that we are learning the same thing …  to change my day to day work to make the decontamination and infection control to maybe run smoother. I found all elements of the unit very helpful and I understand now that I will need to learn how to use PowerPoint to make sure that the learning process and teaching part is made easier for the team members and myself. I also want to thank Emma and Jan for being so helpful throughout all of my course. They made it much easier to complete and were always willing to help me with anything that I needed.

Joanne R

I found the [Introduction to Practice Management] very interesting – it’s everything you do on a daily basis, just making you more aware/understand your role and responsibilities as a DPM in the workplace. My Tutor has been excellent, approachable, very supportive and understanding.

Paula S

I have worked in dentistry for 10 years and always wanted to progress to a practice manager and gain the qualifications along the way. The Level 4 in Professional Dental Practice Management helps with the everyday tasks that come with being a manager. A lot of work goes into this course and once achieved it is so rewarding to have the qualification under my belt!

Debbie Y

I found that the best part of this assignment [Introduction to Practice Management] was the tactical management process and using the SMART design.  I would definitely use this process myself to manage a situation.

Natalie R

The best feature of unit 1 [Level 3 Treatment Coordination] was experiencing the new client experience and understanding how all team members are involved in the client journey.

Tracy J

By studying the [Introduction to Practice Management], I have gained important knowledge of different management techniques of which I was not aware of before. It is a great source of information on how to deal with day-to-day work in a professional manner.

Roxana A

I have now completed my work and I have gained tremendous knowledge about management. I am glad I did this course [Level 4 Practice Management] and all the staff have been brilliant.

Smitha J

I have learnt such a lot from this course [Level 4 Practice Management] and feel that all of the team at The Dental Business Academy have been extremely understanding and supportive, without which I couldn’t have done this.

Jenny N

Really enjoyable unit [Level 3 Decontamination and Infection Control Lead], giving great insight into the role of the DICL.

Fiona M

I very much enjoyed the course [Introduction to Practice Management] , and am giving serious thought to the Level 4 Practice Management.

Matthew S

I wouldn’t change anything, I found the course [Introduction to Practice Management] very helpful. The workbook was easy to understand and gave me the information I needed for the unit. I found my tutor very helpful and relieved any stress I was feeling about doing this essay by giving me good feedback and advice. Passing this course has given me the confidence to do the Level 4 Practice Management and become a qualified manager.

Stacy G